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Insulation Blankets

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Tempco offers a line of Modular Insulating Blankets designed to contain the heat generated by industrial elements in various applications, thereby conserving energy and cooling the environment.
Simply measure the outside diameter of your heater bands and the width between thermocouples. The distance between thermocouples is critical because the modular blankets should be sized to fit between them. To insulate an 8" width, you would utilize two blankets, for instance, a 2" and 6" wide blanket.

Example (refer to the drawing)
The length of the plastic injection machine barrel to insulate is 48".
From the hopper end, the thermocouple breaks needed are at
8", 18", 28", 38", 46" and 48".
This would yield insulation distances of
8", 10", 10", 10", 8", and 2" between the thermocouples.
For the (two) 8" distances, use two 4" blankets each.
For the (three) 10" distances use one 4" and one 6" blanket each.
For the 2" distance, use one 2" blanket.
To summarize, the total requirement is:
                                                         one 2" blanket
                                                         seven 4" blankets
                                                         three 6" blankets
Typical Applications
  • Injection Molding
  • Extrusion Barrels and Blow Molding
  • Pre-Heaters
  • Hoppers and Driers
  • Hot Oil Lines
  • Manifolds
  • Melt Pipe Dies and Adaptors

Note: When using insulation blankets it is recommended to derate the wattage of the heater bands by 20 to 25% to extend heater life and further reduce power consumption.

Hot Face/Inside Fabric
Material: Silica Fabric
Thickness: .042"
Maximum Temperature: 2000F (1093C) continuous
Cold Face/Outside Fabric
Material: Teflon-Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth
Maximum Temperature: 500F (260C)
Thickness: .016"
Material: Ceramic Fiber
Thickness: 1"
Maximum Temperature: 2300F (1260C)
Material: Teflon-Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth
Nickel-Plated steel wire with loose roller to allow ease of tightening of straps

Calculating Energy Savings Using Insulation Blankets

How to Determine Potential Savings
1. Determine: Barrel length
                        Diameter of barrel over heaters
                        Operating temperature
2. Determine barrel surface area (sq. ft.) by the following formula:

3. Calculate Heat Losses:
     Referring to the Heat Loss for Barrels chart, determine heat losses with and without insulation at operating temperature.
     Multiply heat loss value (watts/sq. ft.) without insulation by barrel surface area (sq. ft.)
     Multiply heat loss value (watts/sq. ft.) with insulation by barrel surface area (sq. ft.)

Determine Savings:
     Subtract total heat loss with insulation from heat loss without insulation.
     Divide difference by 1000 to determine KWH savings.

Determine yearly savings:
KWH saved KWH rate running hours per day days per week 4.3 weeks per month 12 months.


Typical Potential Savings from Using Modular Insulation Blankets
Parameters: Barrel Length: 48"
                        Barrel Diameter Over Heaters: 61⁄2"
                        Operating Temperature: 450F (232C)
Use Barrel Surface and calculate the Surface Area (Surface Area = 6.8 sq. ft.)
Heat Losses:
At 450F (232C) with No Insulation, heat loss is 387 W/sq. ft.; with 1" of ceramic fiber insulation, heat loss is 34.3 W/sq. ft.
387 W/sq. ft. 6.8 sq. ft. = 2632 watts (Uninsulated)
34.3 W/sq. ft. 6.8 sq. ft. = 233 watts (Insulated)

* Use Your Local Electrical Rate

Width Part
4" 2" BLK00402
4" BLK00404
6" BLK00406
5" 2" BLK00502
4" BLK00504
6" BLK00506
6" 2" BLK00602
4" BLK00604
6" BLK00606
7" 2" BLK00702
4" BLK00704
6" BLK00706
8" 2" BLK00802
4" BLK00804
6" BLK00806
9" 2" BLK00902
4" BLK00904
6" BLK00906
10" 2" BLK01002
4" BLK01004
6" BLK01006
11" 2" BLK01102
4" BLK01104
6" BLK01106
12" 2" BLK01202
4" BLK01204
6" BLK01206

Ordering Information
After determining the diameter and width of the insulation blankets required, select the Part Number from the chart above that matches your requirements.
Standard lead time is Stock to 2 weeks.