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Stock Quick-Disconnect High Temperature Electrical Plugs

Quick-Disconnect High Temperature Plugs
provide the simplest and safest way to apply power to heater installations. The combination of plug and cup assembly along with armor cable covered leads eliminates all live exposed terminals or wiring that can be a potential hazard to employees or machines.

  • Replace Exposed Terminals
  • Durable Cast Aluminum Body
  • High Temperature Ceramic Insulators
  • Solid Brass Contacts
  • Replace Exposed Lead Wires
  • 16 Amp250 Volt Electrical Rating
  • Temperature Exposure Up to 300C (572F)
  • Available on Many Tempco Heater Products

Type HW-900 - Right-angle plug design
Part Number: EHD-101-103

Type H-900 - Straight plug design
Part Number: EHD-101-102

H900 and HW900 plugs can be prewired and fitted with armor cable or wire braid leads.
Part Number will be assigned when ordering.

Type UT-900 - Cup Assembly Part Number: EHDR-1001

Heavy Duty Quick-Disconnect Plugs and Matching Connectors (Cable Type)

Note: Type P2 twist lock plug is not listed by UL, and is recommended for replacement use only in existing installations.

Reference NEMA
P or R
Amps Volts Plug
Part No.
Part No.
P1 twist lock L1-15 15A 125V EHD-102-102 EHD-103-101
P2 twist lock n/a 10A 250V EHD-102-107 EHD-103-103
15A 125V
P3 straight 5-15 15A 125V EHD-102-103 EHD-103-102
P4 twist lock L5-15 15A 125V EHD-102-113 EHD-103-104
P5 twist lock L6-15 15A 250V EHD-102-121 EHD-103-107
P6 twist lock L6-20 20A 250V EHD-102-122 EHD-103-150
P7 twist lock L6-30 30A 250V EHD-102-126 EHD-103-125
P8 twist lock 6-15 15A 250V EHD-102-114 EHD-103-139
P9 twist lock L2-20 20A 250V EHD-102-104 N/A