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Single Phase Solid State Relays (SSR'S)

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Tempco's Solid State Relays are a highly reliable alternative to mechanical or mercury contactors in high amperage or harsh environments. They offer years of trouble free service and millions of cycles with no moving parts to wear out.

* 1 phase normally open models-- Current Ratings from 10 Amp through 75 Amp 

* Zero cross outputs for general applications

* UL recognized and CE or CSA certified

* Back-to-back SCR output stage

* AC or DC control inputs

* 240 or 480 Volt Outputs

* Select a DC control input relay to work with a temperature control having an SSR drive output.

* Choose an AC control input relay to work with a temperature control having a mechanical relay output.


Nominal Output Voltage 240VAC 480VAC Load
Control Input DC Price
U.S Dollars
AC DC Price
U.S Dollars

Part Number


$46.85 RLS02210 RLS04110 $64.35 RLS04210



















RLS04175 $120.80


Max. Line Voltage (VAC rms) 280 530
Min. Line Voltage (VAC rms) 24 36
Max. Off-State Voltage (Vpeak) 600 1200


Max. Off-State Leakage (mArms) 15.0 !info.gif (287 bytes)Notes

1. DC control input = 4-32 VDC

2. AC control input = 90-280 VAC

3. Adequate heat sinking including consideration of air temperature
and flow is essential to the proper operation of a solid state relay.

Static (Off-State) v/t (V/S) 200
Operating Temp. Range (C)       -20 to +80

(F)         -4 to 176

On-State Voltage Drop (Vpeak) 1.6
Min. On-State Current (mA) 100
Line Frequency Range (Hz) 47 to 80



Snap-on Cover

For 1 phase SSR: Part Number RLS90001

Cover is made of high impact flame retardant polycarbonate that will provide "finger safe" operation.

Thermal Compound:

Part Number RLS90003 (2 ounce container)


Standard Stock Heat Sinks for Solid State Relays
Part Number: RLS90017

Size: 1.77"W x 3.19"L x 3.15"H

Rating: 2.0C/W

Pre-drilled for 1 phase SSR

DIN rail or panel mount

Part Number: RLS90018

Size: 1.77"W x 3.19"L x 3.74"H

Rating: 1.5C/W

Pre-drilled for 1 phase SSR

DIN rail or panel mount

Part Number: RLS90019

Size: 4.75"W x 5.50"L x 2.63"H

Rating: 0.70C/W

Pre-drilled for one or two 1- phase SSR (8-32)

Panel Mount 4.5" x 4.42" centers

Part Number: RLS90020

Size: 3.0"W x 5.20"L x 2.37"H

Rating: 1.0C/W

Pre-drilled for one 3-phase SSR (8-32)

DIN Rail Mount


How To Order
Standard Heaters Custom Engineered/Manufactured Heaters
Choose the Part Number of the relay from the table above that matches the needs for your application. We also offer other styles of Solid State Relays such as random turn on; consult Tempco with your requirements.

Standard lead time is Stock to 5 days.


Please contact Tempco for further assistance.

Toll Free (888) 268-6396

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