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National Representatives and Distributors

Please forward a company history, line card and what territory you are interested in to:
William Kilberry - Sales Department

International Opportunities: Agency/Distributorships

Tempco is looking for qualified agent/distributors to market our products in all regions of the world. If your company is interested and in a position to market Tempco’s full line of electric heaters, sensors and accessories, we encourage you to contact us. In order to evaluate the compatibility between our companies we ask that you provide the information below.

Initial Requests

1.) Background Information consisting of, but not limited to the following:

a. Years in business
b. Number of employees
c. Number of salespeople
d. Number of offices and location of offices
e. Geographical coverage

2.) Furnish list of all other companies and their respective product lines that you currently distribute, represent, or market and sell products for.

3.) Business Plan consisting of, but not limited to the following:

a. Identify target markets
b. Potential market size and geographic target area
c. Sales/marketing/technical experience in target industries
d. Initial plan for marketing Tempco’s products
e. Competitive analysis

1. Identify domestic manufacturers of heaters/sensors. Indicate relative strength and which products they manufacture.

2. Identify international manufactures that have been successful in importing heaters/sensors and which products they import.

4. Any other pertinent information about the target market or your company that will assist us in evaluating your potential as a distributor of Tempco’s products. Any company literature or line cards should be included.

Please forward all information to:
Leo Adames – International Sales

* This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any commitment whatsoever on behalf of Tempco to appoint you as a Distributor.