Ceramic Fiber Heaters


High-Temperature Ceramic Fiber Heaters

All Ceramic Fiber Heaters are Made-To-Order
(Custom shapes are available on request)


Ceramic Fiber heaters are comprised of helically wound Fe-Cr-Al alloy resistance wire elements embedded in a rigid body of vacuum-formed high temperature refractory fiber flush with the heater surface. This ceramic fiber insulation has very low weight, thermal mass and thermal conductivity and can handle extremely rapid cycling.

Flat Panel Ceramic Fiber Heaters


Full Cylindrical Shapes
Ceramic Fiber Heaters

Semi-Cylindrical Shaped
Ceramic Fiber Heater

Ceramic Fiber Heaters (Download PDF Brochure)



Typical Ceramic Fiber Heater Applications

Industry                    Application

Aerospace           Crystal Growth, R & D

Dental                    Manufacture of Crowns and Bridges

Metals                    Heat Treat and Temper

Plastics                  Sealers and Formers

Automotive            Metal Heat Treating and Paint Curing

Chemical               Remove By-Products & Catalyst Materials

Crystals                  Preheat & Manufacturing of Optical
                                     and Gemstone Crystals

Glass                      Annealing Process & Preheat of Glass Manufacturing

Ceramic                 Extrusion Dies

Semiconductor     Diffusion Furnaces & Annealing Wafers