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Gemini Medium Wave Infrared E-Mitter Assemblies using a CRA Linear Housing

CRA Linear Modular Housing Assemblies
These compact assemblies are 230V, single ended units (winding pattern A, page 7-76) with one twin bore format C (33 x 15 mm) Gemini quartz heater mounted in front of an aluminized steel reflector at a power density of 63.5 w/linear inch.
Design Features
  • Rapid heatup/cooldown and low residual heat retention
  • Compact lightweight extruded anodized housing
  • High efficiency aluminized steel reflector for harsh environments and high temperature applications
  • Adaptable to all Gemini twin bore sizes
  • Standard units utilize a high efficiency twin bore quartz single ended heater (33 by 15 mm) with minimum cold ends (winding pattern A, page 7-76 Tempco catalog)
  • Dual circuits on double end units
Custom housings are available for any format (A, B, or C) Gemini Series Heater. Specify watts, volts and heated length (or w/in) required and TEMPCO will design a unit to suit your application. Clear, gold, or white ceramic coated heaters and doubled end wiring, and chrome steel reflector options are available. Installation notes: These units are for horizontal mounting only. Units have ceramic terminal blocks for field wiring connections inside rear compartment of housing.
Watts Housing
Length (HL)
Housing Assembly Part Number
Heater Back Coating
Gemini Replacement
Heater Part Number
in mm in mm Gold White None Gold White None
2000 36.42 925 31.5 800 CRA80001 CRA80015 CRA80024 GEM00015 GEM10015 GEM20015
2500 44.29 1125 39.4 1000 CRA80002 CRA80016 CRA80025 GEM00016 GEM10016 GEM20016
3250 56.89 1445 51.2 1300 CRA80003 CRA80017 CRA80026 GEM00018 GEM10018 GEM20018
3750 63.98 1625 59.1 1500 CRA80004 CRA80018 CRA80027 GEM00019 GEM10019 GEM20019
4000 67.91 1725 63 1600 CRA80005 CRA80019 CRA80028 GEM00020 GEM10020 GEM20020
4100 71.85 1825 66.9 1700 CRA80006 CRA80020 CRA80029 GEM00021 GEM10021 GEM20021
4500 76.57 1945 70.9 1800 CRA80007 CRA80021 CRA80030 GEM00022 GEM10022 GEM20022
5000 84.45 2145 78.7 2000 CRA80008 CRA80022 CRA80031 GEM00023 GEM10023 GEM20023
6250 103.35 2625 98.4 2500 CRA80009 CRA80023 CRA80032 GEM00024 GEM10024 GEM20024
Select a Housing Assembly by size and electrical rating from the table above. Assemblies are available in clear or with the Gemini heater coatings as shown. Consult Tempco for lengths, voltages or power ratings not shown. For housing dimensions and mounting details see pg 7-17 in the Tempco catalog.
ARA Single Panel Custom Arrays are also available for the Gemini Series Heaters.