Strip Heaters



Strip Heaters

(Ceramic Insulated)
Stainless Steel Sheath for
Flat Surface Mounting Applications

Channel Strip Heaters (PDF)

Finned Strip Heaters
(Ceramic Insulated)
Stainless Steel Sheath with Nickel-Plated Steel Fins

Finned Channel Strip Heaters (PDF)

Maxistrip Heaters
(Tubular Heater in Aluminum Channel)
Good heat transfer and resistant to contamination

Maxistrip Heaters (

Mica Insulated Strip Heaters

An Economical Heat Source for Flat Surfaces

Mica Insulated Strip Heaters (PDF)

Non-Metal Sheath Custom Mica Heater

Custom Shaped Mica Strip Heaters


Type ARC channel strip Radiant Heater Array

Tempco can design and manufacture
a custom channel strip heater array for applications requiring infrared heat.