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The Benefits Are All Yours. Fermin Adames, President

We have reached another milestone in our Commitment to Excellence. On June 15, 2009 we became ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified.


History  of Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation was founded by Fermin Adames, President, in August of 1972 to manufacture electric heating elements for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Tempco’s initial manufacturing facility consisted of 1,500 square feet and three employees. The first manufactured products were Cartridge heaters and “Duraband,” a patented mica insulated band heater.

During the Company’s early years, Mr. Adames made a commitment to an ongoing program for the research and development of new and improved products, thus broadening our product line on a yearly basis in order to satisfy the diversified market area in which various types of heating elements are used.

Today we manufacture thermal components for hundreds of applications in thousands of design variations. Some of our products were original developments in the industry, for which Tempco holds patents. Many of our manufactured products are UL certified and CSA recognized.

In addition to our standard product line, in early 1982, we set up a modern full-service nonferrous foundry and machine shop for making aluminum and bronze cast-in heaters, utilizing the permanent mold and no-bake sand processes.

In June 2000 Plant 2 opened, a 44,000 square foot office and manufacturing plant located directly across the street from Tempco’s present 130,000 square foot facility. This space will be used to expand the production of Temperature Sensors (Thermocouples and RTD’s) and Infrared Heaters (Ceramic Infrared E-MittersŪ, Tubular, Quartz, VS-Glow, Gemini and Panel Heaters).

Today our labor force consists of approximately 360 employees, and annual sales are in the millions. Our products are sold nationally and internationally through a network of sales representatives and distributors and through our own distribution centers located in southern California and Mexico City.

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