Air Process Heaters

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HAC In-Line Forced Air Process Heaters

Type SL Straight Leads

Type SA Straight Air Inlet Type NT 90° Air Inlet
Design Features
  • Two standard sizes:
    1/2" diameter × 8" long,
    11/16" diameter × 6" long
  • 304 Stainless Steel sheath
  • Exit air or gas temperature up to
    1400°F (760°C)
  • Inlet air or gas temperature up to
    250°F (121°C)
  • Ceramic coil support and insulator
  • Three different terminations
  • Customized termination, inlet, outlet, and wattage to customer specification available

Daisy Wound Heating Element
This continuous wound heavy gage high temperature alloy wire is supported on custom designed ceramic insulator. This unique coil design rapidly and efficiently remove heat from the resistor wire to achieve higher air/gas temperatures than conventional coil wound designs.
The coil assembly is enclosed in stainless steel housings for safety and durability. Termination can be customized to suit your specific application. Consult Tempco with your requirements.

Standard (Non-Stock) 120V In-Line Air Process Heaters
Heaters have 12" Teflon® leads standard, and the air inlet is a barbed fitting for a 1/4" ID tube.
1/2" Diameter, 120V
8" heater Length
11/16" Diameter, 120V
6"heater Length
325W 400W 500W 600W 500W 600W
SA HAC00001 HAC00004 HAC00007 HAC00010 HAC00013 HAC00016
SL HAC00002 HAC00005 HAC00008 HAC00011 HAC00014 HAC00017
NT HAC00003 HAC00006 HAC00009 HAC00012 HAC00015 HAC00018
Caution: Air heaters must always have air flowing through them and should
          preferably be operated in a horizontal position. Use clean air.

HAC In-Line Air Process Heaters

Exit air temperature depends on heater wattage and air flow rate. The above charts show exit
air temperature at various inlet air pressures and wattages on a 1/2" and 11/16" OD heaters.

Linear Air Pumps for HAC In-Line Air Process Heaters

Design Features
  • High Efficiency
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Vibration
  • UL Component Recognition

The above chart shows the time for the exit air temperature to reach steady state condition at 1.1 CFM using Tempco’s air pump.
Pump Data
Head Configuration: Pressure
Pressure: Flow @ 115V/60
PSI bar CFM LPM Amps Watts
0 0 1.1 31.1 0.23 15
1 0.1 0.62 10.5 0.23 12
2 0.2 0.09 - 0.24 9
Max. Continuous Pressure: 2.0 PSI 0.14 bar
Max. Intermittent Pressure: 2.32 PSI 0.16 bar
HAC In-Line heaters can be connected to your air supply lines with an air pressure regulator. For self contained units Tempco air pumps can be directly connected to HAC In-Line process heaters. The pump comes with a 12" rubber hose for easy connection to the heater inlet.