Process Heaters


Industrial Process Heaters

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Screw Plug Immersion Heaters consist of tubular heating elements welded or brazed into a threaded NPT screw plug which then can be inserted into a threaded opening in a tank wall or through a mating full or half coupling.

Screw Plug
Immersion Heaters

Screw Plug Immersion Heaters (PDF)

Designed for immersion heating of oils, heat transfer fluids, hydraulic fluids and other organic fluids not corrosive to aluminum.

Type FAH Flanged Aluminum Finned

Type FAH (PDF)

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Direct replacements for heaters in many OEM applications.

Flange Immersion Heaters
(OEM Replacements)

Flanged Immersion Heaters for Plastics Processing (PDF)


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Flanged Immersion Heaters are designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels to heat both liquids and gases. They mate to a companion flange that is either welded to a tank wall or, for circulating type heaters, to a pipe.


Flange Immersion Heaters

Pressure Rated Flanged Immersion Heaters (PDF)


Sanitary fittings are commonly used in the commercial food, dairy and soft drink processing industries. Compared to common pipe flange connections, the sanitary pipe connections' crevice-free interiors provide quicker access for easier cleaning. Fittings and pipe made from 304 SS is suitable for most food industry applications. Type 316L, which is more corrosion resistant, is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Heater for Sanitary Process Solutions

Sanitary Process Heaters (PDF)

In a Cast-In Circulation Heater the material being heated is pumped through cooled seamless 316 SS tubing which has been cast into an aluminum body that acts as the heat exchanger. The material being heated never comes into contact with the heating element.

Cast-In Circulation Heater

Circulation Heater (PDF)
(heater and tubing cast in aluminum)

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Pipe-Body Circulation Heaters.

Circulation Heaters and Systems
(heater in pipe body tank)

Circulation Heaters (PDF)


In-Line Air Heaters

In-Line Air Process Heaters (PDF)


Tank Heaters

Tank Heaters (PDF) 

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Tank and Chemical Bath
Immersion Heaters

Chemical Bath Immersion Heaters (PDF)


Designed to help electric, electronic, pneumatic and mechanical equipment perform at top capacity by protecting them against low temperatures, condensation and corrosion.

Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure Heaters (PDF)



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Process Duct Heaters with and without fins are used for tempering forced air in many industrial applications.

Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters (PDF)


Process Heating Systems

Process Heating Systems (PDF)



Heated Hose Assemblies

Heated Hose & Tube (PDF)

Drum Heaters
Silicone Rubber and Metal Types

Drum Heaters (PDF)
(Silicone Rubber, External and
Internal Metal Drum Heaters)



Drum Blanket & Tote Tank Heaters

Tote Tank Heaters (PDF)


Heated Tubing Assemblies

Heated Hose & Tube (PDF)