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Capabilities IconOur CapabilitIes

Tempco's design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce the highest quality Electric Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors and Temperature Control Products.


Perhaps our most important "capability" is our expert and detail-oriented work force. From our sales team and engineers, to our production staff, custom manufacturing cannot be done without our dedicated employees.


Manufacturing: Process and Machinery


CNC FittingsCNC Lathes with Automatic Bar Feeders

Need a custom fitting for your application? No problem! Tempco streamlines the design and manufacturing process by making our own fittings with our 12 CNC Lathes.


Machine ShopCNC Machine Shop

When a tolerance or geometric shape cannot be achieved as cast, we utilize our full service state-of-the-art machine shop. Our CNC machine tools include our lathes, 12 CNC Mills and Boring Mills that can perform all of the precision machining a design may require with repeatable accuracy. We also utilize our machine shop to build and maintain permanent mold tooling for our Casting processes.


video camera icon Plant Tour - Inside Look Video

In this video get a rare sneak peek inside Tempco. Take a look at some of our manufacturing capabilities and processes that produce the quality products that our customers have come to expect. From our humble beginnings 50 years ago in a 1,500 sq.ft facility to our current headquarters today with two manufacturing plants totaling over 170,000 sq.ft., we are very proud of how far we have come.

Roll ReducingRoll Reducing Mill and Exo-Gas Annealing Furnace

Elements are fed into the roll reducing mill to compact the MgO insulating powder. After rolling, the elements are annealed in a conveyor belt furnace.


Water jetWaterjet Cutting Machine

This machine is used across many of our product lines to cut sheet metal for custom panel designs, band heaters, plates for non-pressure flange heaters and other custom heater designs.


video camera icon Cast-In Band Heater Video

Tempco manufactures many Cast-In heaters and thermal components with liquid cooling including band heaters, thermal platens, motor housings, feed pipes, ring heaters, barrel heaters, circulation heaters, platen die heaters and complex geometric thermal components. Our Cast-In thermal components are manufactured with Tempco's tubular heating elements and aluminum, brass or bronze cast materials.

Laser CuttingSheet Metal Fabrication

Along with the waterjet, additional Sheet Metal Fabrication machines Tempco utilizes in our manufacturing processes are:

  • Fiber Laser
  • CNC Turret Presses
  • CNC Press Brakes

Tubular FillingFilling Machines

Our carefully researched manufacturing methods include tubular heating element filling machines that allow us to methodically fill the heating elements with the MgO insulating powder.


video camera icon Air Cooled Shroud Systems Video

We have multiple laser cutters, press brakes, rolling mills and CNC Turret Presses used in the custom manufacturing of our shrouds systems as seen in this video. Used most commonly in the plastics industry, our air-cooled Cool-to-the-Touch and Multiversal shroud systems are ideal for optimized barrel heating and cooling.

Pattern ShopPattern Shop

Our In-House Pattern Shop builds and maintains the wood or plastic patterns required to produce castings with no bake sand molds.


Foundry MeltingFoundry Melting Capabilities

Our electric reverb and induction furnaces are used to minimize gas inclusion into the molten metal, thereby producing a denser, higher quality casting.


video camera icon Custom Fittings CNC Robotic Automation Video

Tempco can custom manufacture virtually any fitting with our Turning Centers with Auto Bar Feeders, CNC Milling Machines and fully automated CNC Turning Center with Robotic Arm loader/unloader. Materials include Aluminum, Brass, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and more.

Sand MoldNo-Bake Sand Molds

This process for low-volume Aluminum, Bronze and Brass Cast-Ins is ideal for large, irregular shapes and thermal platens.


Tilt PouringTilt-Pour Gravity Feed

When medium to high volume Aluminum cast-ins are produced, the Tilt-Pour Gravity Feed is used.  It will accommodate simple shape castings and moderately complex shaped castings, producing good dimensional accuracy and surface finish.


video camera icon Custom Fittings CNC & Bar Loader Video

Tempco can custom manufacture virtually any fitting with our 13 Turning Centers with Auto Bar Feeders, 12 vertical CNC Milling Machines and more. Shown here is a CNC Turning Center - 12-Station Twin Turret, Twin Spindle with Live Tooling Capabilities and Y-axis Turning. This machine is combined with an automatic bar feeder.

WeldingIn-House Welding Professionals

We use Manual Welding, Silver Brazing, TIG Welding and Automated TIG Welding in our manufacturing processes.


cULus Certified Panel Shop

We offer general purpose or custom engineered power control panels built in our certified shop, backed by over 45 years of experience in the process heating industry. We can meet all of your requirements from the simplest single zone panel to the most complex thermal loop system. Our Certifications include the following cULus Listings:

  • General-use Industrial Applications – Safe Area: ANSI/UL 508A  File # E307875  (NITW, NITW7)
  • Intrinsically Safe Circuit ExtensionsANSI/UL 698A  File # E364504  (NRBX, NRBX7)
  • Hazardous Locations – Purged and Pressurized, Explosion Proof  UL 1203  File # E364503 (NNNY, NNY7)  NFPA 496

video camera icon Tubular Heaters Video

We custom manufacture our Tubular Heating Elements in-house. They are sold as stand-alone heaters or used in a large variety of other custom-manufactured products including Screw Plug Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Duct Heaters, Cast-in Heaters and more.

Plant Manufcturing

Additional Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Ceramic Molding
  • CNC Bending
  • Coil Winding
  • Induction Brazing
  • Kilns
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Swaging Machines
  • Vulcanizing


Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

To ensure the quality of our Process heaters, we can perform integrity testing of welds on our flange and screw plug heaters.

Heater Life Cycle and Materials Testing Lab

Let our engineering team assist you in determining what will best suit your application by utilizing our life cycle and materials testing lab.

Agency Approvals

Many Tempco products offer Agency Approvals. On our website, look for the icons indicating the approvals we offer below. If you don't see the Agency Approval that meets your requirements, please Contact Tempco.

  • CSA Certified
  • CE Marking
  • FM Approved
  • RoHS Compliance
  • UL Recognized and Listed

Engineering Capabilities

Our engineers utilize the latest 2D and 3D software to design Tempco products including:

  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • MasterCAM
  • Casting Filling and Solidification Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation
  • Temperature Uniformity Simulation and Testing
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Scanning

Instrument Calibration

Every April Tempco's instruments are calibrated using standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) to maintain our ISO9001:2015 certification.  We use multiple Independent 3rd Parties with accreditations by A2LA or ANAB, and ISO/IEC 17015:2017-compliance. Over 500 instruments in the following categories that are used in our manufacturing process are calibrated including, but not limited to:

  • Balance scales
  • Block Gages
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Dial Indicators
  • Digital / Dial Calipers
  • Digital Angle Locators
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Feeler Gages
  • Graduated Cylinders
  • Hard Gages
  • Height Gages
  • Hipot Testers
  • Inside Digital Micrometers
  • Leakage Current Testers
  • Metric Threaded Ring and Plug gages
  • Milliohm Meters
  • Optical Comparator
  • Outside Digital Micrometers
  • Pin Gage Sets
  • Pressure Gages
  • Radius Gages
  • Ring Gages
  • Steel Squares
  • Straight, NPT, BSPT Threaded Ring and Plug Gages
  • Surface Plates
  • Tape Measures
  • Temperature Monitors
  • Thermocouple Calibrators
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Volt Meters
  • Wall Micrometers

Tempco Customer Services

Need a Non-Stock and/or Custom Manufactured Product…YESTERDAY?

Tempco Pronto! Service logo

*Pronto Service is your answer to a crisis or emergency situation.

This service drastically reduces normal delivery times to meet the customer’s needs on non-stock and custom manufactured products.

*Available for specific Tempco Product Lines.  Contact Tempco for details.

Tempco Cartridge Heater Terminator ProgramCustom Terminated Cartridge Heater from Stock?

YES! Tempco's Terminator Program offers 1 to 3 day delivery on custom terminated Hi-Density Cartridge heaters.

The Terminator lead assembly program takes a semi-finished stock heater and adapts it with one of the many terminations listed in this catalog. This termination process can be applied to our extensive inventory of over one thousand standard cartridge heater sizes and electrical ratings. Complete details can be found in our Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters.

Terminator is the solution to your custom cartridge heater needs!

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