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Electric Heaters and ElementsElectric Heaters and Elements

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Complete your Thermal Loop System with our Temperature Sensors and Temperature Control Products.

Band Heaters

Band Heaters are used to heat (mostly) cylindrical surfaces and are available in several construction styles to perform under different operating environments.

Cartridge Heaters

Typically inserted into drilled holes to heat platens and molds or used as liquid immersion heaters.

Cast-In Heaters

Used in plastics processing, food warming, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, Cast-In Thermal Components are available in aluminum and bronze alloys and are highly customizable.

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

The heat source combined with a high temperature insulation allow for high operating temperatures up to 2012°F/1100°C. Higher temperature ratings up to 2192°F/1200°C are available in limited designs.

Coil and Cable Heaters

The flexibility of mineral insulated cable allows the Mightyband® heater to be coiled, formed, wrapped around pipes or used straight. It can also be cast into metal or welded onto machine component parts.

Drum Heaters

Speed the flow of solid and semi-solid materials inside your industrial drums with a drum heater from Tempco. We carry five drum heaters and offer two methods of heating the materials: immersion within the drum or heating from the outside of the drum.

Enclosure Heaters

Designed to protect a wide variety of applications from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion.

Flexible Heaters

Capable of operating with excellent performance under many adverse conditions, the low thermal mass of flexible heaters allows their use in applications where the space for placing a heater is limited and weight is a concern.

Heat Trace Cable

Heat trace cables are used to counteract the effects of heat loss from process piping systems.

Heated Hose and Heated Tubing

Electrically heated hose assemblies are designed for optimum transfer of non-explosive liquids or gases.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared radiant heat energy can be delivered to concentrated areas at a very fast rate with individual heaters or heater arrays.

Process Heaters

From basic liquid immersion heaters to highly engineered turnkey process heating systems, these heaters are designed to fit your manufacturing process.

Shroud Systems

Our turnkey air-cooled shroud systems provide efficient heating and cooling of the barrels in plastic extruders.

Strip Heaters

Used in the surface heating of tanks, as the heat source in industrial ovens and for heating air or other inert gases.

Tank Heaters

We offer a wide variety of tank and chemical bath tank heaters to fit your application.

Tubular Heaters

Available in several diameters, lengths and sheath materials, these heaters can be formed into virtually any shape and can be brazed or welded to any metal surface. Choose specific application finned heaters or heaters for runnerless molds.

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