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Questions about the New Tempco Website

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  Where are the In-Stock Products listed on the new website?

The new website features Preconfigured Parts pages for each Product. Some products will have just one page, some will have more than one page.  These pages will list Stock and Standard (Non-Stock) part numbers and details. Part Numbers in red are currently in stock.

Additionally you can go straight to a list of part number pages by using the Resources drop-down menu and selecting Part Numbers.  Here you can filter the results by Product Type or search for the part number prefix within the Keywords box.

  What is the Wish List?

The Wish List is a way for you to save your Product Requirements for one or more products and eventually send them to Tempco with your application specifications.
The Wish List may not be saved after you close your browser window.

  What is the advantage of using the Select Requirements filters?

By selecting items that you meet your requirements, you can narrow down the Tempco products that will meet your needs.

  What is the advantage of using the Select Specifications filters?

By choosing Specifications that may meet your requirements, you can narrow down the information on the screen and create a wish list of products and specifications you are interested in to share with a co-worker or submit to Tempco.
These filter selections may not be saved after you close your browser window.

  Why is there an email icon on the site?

The email icon is there for you to email any page to a co-worker or to yourself.  It will send the page and all of your current selections in a link.

Questions about Tempco

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  How can I order from Tempco?

Supply us with your company name, shipping and billing address and three industrial credit references where credit has been extended for over two years. Approved purchasers will have an open account with terms of net 30 days from date of invoice.

We also accept the following major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

  Are you a manufacturer?

Yes! We have over 174,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space located in two facilities directly across the street from each other. The manufacturing area contains a Bronze and Aluminum Foundry. Pattern Shop, CNC Machine Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Welding and Brazing Stations, 508A Certified Panel Shop and Assembly Areas.

  Do you manufacture custom parts?

Yes! We have thousands of designs in our files of custom heaters and sensors designed for every imaginable application. Our Sales and Engineering teams are here to help you design a product that fits your needs.

  Where are you located?

We are located just west of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in Wood Dale, IL.

Our mailing address is:

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
607 N. Central Ave.
Wood Dale, IL 60191-1452

Normal Business Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 CST.

Please Contact Tempco if you have further questions.

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Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

607 N. Central Ave. | Wood Dale, IL 60191-1452 USA
Phone: 630.350.2252 | Toll Free: 888.268.6396
Fax: 630.350.0232 | Email: [email protected]

We have Branch Offices located across the United States.



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