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Drum Immersion Heaters

Tempco’s tubular heaters are the heating element within these Drum Immersion Heaters for metal drums that are ideal for heating high viscosity materials. Only 8” of vertical riser is heated, allowing the liquid level within the drum to fluctuate without damaging the heater.

Design Features:

  • Fits through the standard 2" bung opening in 55 gallon drums
  • Ideal for improving the flow of lard, tar, oils and other high viscosity solutions
  • Double Pole 60-250°F thermostat with over-temperature cutout and pilot lamp to indicate heater on/off status
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket

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Optional Features:
  • Passivation, electropolished, or bright annealed surface treatments available for Stainless Steel or Incoloy sheath designs.
  • NEMA 4 (moisture resistant) and/or NEMA 7 (explosion resistant) terminal enclosures
  • External Power wiring options include flexible cord/plug, armored cable, wire braided or plain lead wire.
  • Process or Hi-Limit thermocouple in thermowell in place of the thermostat
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions:
  1. Ensure the vertical heated portion, which extends 8" up riser from bottom of element, is always fully immersed.
  2. Use in metal drums, containers or heat resistant tanks only.
  3. All wiring should be in accordance with NEC/NFPA and local codes.
  4. Use techniques safe for the heater and surrounding environment.
  5. Use mounting brackets to position heater away from tank wall and above sludge buildup at bottom of tank.
  6. Periodically remove the heater to clean residues and inspect for damage.

Hazard of electric shock. Heater installation must be grounded. Heater must be disconnected from power input before servicing or removal.

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