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  • Single Zone Console
  • Back of TPC single zone
  • Typical Rear View

Self-Powered “Plug & Play” Output (Type 1)

Self-Powered Consoles (Type 1) Design Features

  • Front-mounted rocker panel switch
  • Retractable legs for easy benchtop viewing
  • Carrying handle
  • 60-inch-long power cord with standard U.S. straight-blade plug configuration for 120V or 240V.
    Other country standards available.
  • Miniature jack and plug for temperature sensor input (one per zone)
  • Power output plug (one per zone)
  • Can customize with high limits, alarms, etc.
  • Fast cycling solid state relay


Heater power is drawn directly through the console’s 15 amp line cord. Our standard TPC is also fused at 15 amps (12 amps useable). Units fused at 20 amps (16 amps useable) are also available. For these consoles the customer must have access to receptacles rated at 20 amps. For 120 volt operation these are NEMA 5-20, for 240 volt operation these are NEMA 6-20.

True Plug & Play Operation: The heater is simply wired to the supplied plug and plugged in to the rear mounted receptacle.

TPC-1000 Control Console

Model TPC-1000


4-7/8" H × 9" D × 5" W

TPC-2000 Control Console

Model TPC-2000


4-7/8" H × 9" D × 11-1/4" W

TPC-3000 Control Console

Model TPC-3000


4-7/8" H × 9" D × 8-1/4" W

TPC-4000 Control Console

Model TPC-4000


4-7/8" H × 10" D × 14-13/16" W

Additional Specifications

  • Output Power Switching: Solid State Relay with heat sink
  • Optional Sensor Inputs: Consult Tempco
  • Power Input: Rear panel mounted fused power inlet, cord supplied
  • Control Options: FM High Limit Controller, 2nd Output, Alarm, Data Communications or other special requirements; consult Tempco.

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