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Coil Cord

Design/Special Features:

  • Rated for 221°F (105°C) upper limit (above 104°F [40°C], coil form may change if stretched)
  • ANSI Color Coded Outer Jacket
  • Wire is 26 gauge stranded with PVC insulation and the outer jacket is polyurethane
  • Open ends have approximately 4 inches straight.

Explore Coil Cord Specifications

Calibration Outer 
Extended Length
Part Number
With Miniature Plug
Molded on One End
Both Ends
J Black 12  60 TCW-124-101 TCW-125-101
J Black 24 120 TCW-124-102 TCW-125-102
K Yellow 12  60 TCW-124-103 TCW-125-103
K Yellow 24 120 TCW-124-104 TCW-125-104
E Purple 12  60 TCW-124-105 TCW-125-105
T Blue 12  60 TCW-124-106 TCW-125-106
T Blue 24 120 TCW-124-107 TCW-125-107
R/S Green 12  60 TCW-124-108 TCW-125-108
R/S Green 32 180 TCW-125-109
U (2-wire uncompensated) White 12  60 TCW-124-109 TCW-125-110
3-wire RTD White 12  60 TCW-125-111
3-wire RTD White 36 180 TCW-125-112

Other configurations and lengths are available on special request. Minimum order may apply. Constult Tempco with your requirements.

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