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RTD Multiconductor Wire

A thermocouple consists of two wires of dissimilar metals welded together into a junction. At the other end of the signal wires, usually as part of the input instrument, is another junction called the reference junction. Heating the sensing junction generates a thermoelectric potential (emf) proportional to the temperature difference between the two junctions.

Explore RTD Multiconductor Wire Specifications

Part Number No. of
B & S 
Maximum Temperature Nom. Overall Size
°F °C
LDW-126-101 2 24 Str. NPC* Fiberglass 1xRed, 1xWhite Fiberglass 900 480 .080"
LDW-120-101 3 24 Str. SPC** TFE Teflon® 2xWhite, 1xRed FEP Jacket White w/SS Overbraid 392 200 .140"
LDW-120-102 3 24 Str. SPC** TFE Teflon® 2xWhite, 1xRed FEP Jacket, White 392 200 .125"
LDW-120-103 3 24 Str. NPC* Fiberglass 2xRed, 1xWhite SS Overbraid 900 480 .115"
LDW-120-104 3 24 Str.  NPC* Fiberglass 2xRed, 1xWhite Fiberglass 900 480 .086"
LDW-122-101 4 26 Str. SPC** TFE Teflon® 2xRed, 2xBlack FEP Jacket, Black 392 200 .125"

* NPC denotes nickel-plated copper

** SPC denotes silver-plated copper

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