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Infrared heaters are a popular heating solution in industrial applications for several reasons:

  • There are a variety of heater types that emit a range of wavelengths - short, medium and long.
  • IR heaters can be energized to the desired temperature quickly.
  • IR heaters can deliver heat to a concentrated areas.

For these reasons, infrared heaters are often used in the plastics industry for applications such as thermoforming or curing/drying textiles. The same characteristics that make infrared technology ideal for industrial applications also make it appealing for the health and wellness industry.

Many people know that steam saunas provide several health benefits including pain relief, stress reduction, improved heart health, as well as possibly reducing inflammation and improving respiratory health. However, there are some risks that can be associated with the use of steam saunas such as high blood pressure, dehydration, and some difficulty in breathing due to the extra moisture that is produced.

A popular alternative to the steam sauna is the infrared sauna which utilizes infrared heaters that emit a full range of wavelengths. The use of infrared heat:

  • Can reduce the health risks because the body is heated from the inside instead of heating the environment around the person.
  • Can provide an environment with a lower temperature that can be more suitable for those that have difficulties with a high temperatures in a steam sauna.
  • Creates a “drier” environment, allowing someone to breathe normally while still inducing profuse sweat.
  • Allows longer use of the sauna without needing to endure a super-heated environment.

There are additional possible benefits to using an infrared sauna over other types of saunas. While further study and testing is required for verification, some experts believe that infrared saunas may also increase circulation, contribute to weight loss, and speed up injury recovery

Most often, Tempco customers will use our Series CRB ceramic e-mitters® in the manufacture of infrared saunas. These heaters can be manufactured with either 120 or 240 voltage with low wattage. They come in a variety of colors including white, rose, yellow or black, but sauna manufacturers primarily purchase the white ceramic option. The quantity and layout of the ceramic e-mitters will vary based on the size of the sauna which can range from a single person sauna to a commercial size sauna.

Whether used for manufacturing in an industrial process or as the heat source for saunas in the health and wellness industry, infrared heaters from Tempco are a great solution for many applications.

Tempco Infrared Heaters

Tempco Infrared Heaters




Series CRB Ceramic E-mitter

Series CRB Ceramic E-mitter®

Jeff S.

Territorial Sales Manager

July 10, 2024


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