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April 27, 2021

Tempco Manufacturing Plant

Tempco’s long-standing philosophy has been to be a wholly US manufacturer that relies on and builds upon our core competencies which include:

  • Vertical integration within our manufacturing processes
  • Versatile industry and application knowledge
  • Engineering expertise for custom-designed products
  • Experienced and knowledgeable sales team
  • Strict quality control
  • Dedicated work force


Located just west of Chicago O’Hare Airport, our two manufacturing plants continue to rapidly produce both standard and custom electric heating elements in a wide range of styles and sizes, as well as temperature sensors and temperature control products. For almost 50 years Tempco has continually reinvested in our factory and equipment which puts us in a unique position within the electric heater industry. We are not only maintaining our traditional short lead times, but we are making improvements to further reduce delivery windows while improving on the highest quality standards in the industry.

In spite of the downturn last year due to COVID-19, Tempco made major investments in horizontal and vertical machining centers to finish our cast-in heaters, creating unmatched tolerances and repeatability. Investment in a set of press brakes allows us to make terminal boxes in-house, again allowing for customization and speed to market. Investment plans for 2021 will further expand our already substantial capabilities. These investments, along with the existing machine shop, sand-cast operation, ceramics production, temperature sensor department and controls areas, have enabled Tempco to keep our processes in-house and narrow our outside reliance to raw material suppliers.

Our factory associates continue to provide attention to detail while maintaining a high level of production despite pandemic conditions. Last year we made necessary changes to support our labor force and retained our most highly skilled operators. Our skilled labor force is stable and committed to meeting our expanding sales.

We are bucking the trend of extending lead times during a time of record shipments and continued strong demand. Having a supply chain that starts in Wood Dale, IL has benefits, so take a look at our website or give us a call – our customer service team will answer the phone!

Tempco Machining Center
Machine Center for finishing Cast-In Heaters


Tempco Press Brake
Press brake for bending sheet metal

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