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Products used for temperature measurement and recording, including current indicators and hand held instrumentation.
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Current Indicators and Relays

Current Indicators & Relays (PDF File)

Tempco's wire-mounted electrical current indicators provide an effective method of monitoring electrical current. Our series of Current Sensing Relays provides an effective and highly stable method for monitoring electrical current.

Chart and Data Recorders

Data Recorders (PDF File)

Videographic Data Loggers and Chart Recorders capable of plotting analog and digital data.

Electronic Test Instruments

Electronic Test Instruments (PDF File)

A variety of instruments including multimeters, megohmmeter and AC line separator/splitter.

Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Products (PDF File)

Infrared Non-contact Thermometers with a variety of functions and options to suit your applications.

Melt Pressure

Melt Pressure Products (PDF File)

Tempco offers several Melt Pressure Products. Transducersm Gauges, Indicators and Kits.

Rotating Multi-Pin Electrical Connectors (PDF File)

Mercotac’s Rotating Electrical Connectors offered by Tempco are a maintenance free alternative to slip rings. They last much longer than slip rings and the signal does not degrade over time. They transmit with near zero electrical noise, so the same connector style can be used for power and signal transmission, saving money.

Rupture Disks (PDF File)

Extruder Rupture Discs are pressure relief devices designed for overpressure protection of plastic extruders

Temperature Display Products (PDF File)

The EMT1 & EMT2 are digital indicators for installation directly in a 4-20mA signal loop without the requirement of external power.

Temperature Transmitters (PDF File)

Temperature transmitters are used for a variety of reasons. The use of temperature transmitters can eliminate the need for long costly runs of thermocouple wire with less expensive copper signal wire

Thermometers (PDF File)

Type J or K thermometers with single or dual input, with direct or differential meausrments to 0.1 degree.

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