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TEC Temperature Controllers:

Table of Input Range & Sensory Accessories

Type Range Accuracy@ 25°C Input Impedance
J -184 to 1832°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-120 to 1000°C ±2.0°C
K -328 to 2498°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-200 to 1370°C ±2.0°C
T -418 to 752°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-250 to 400°C ±2.0°C
E -148 to 1652°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-100 to 900°C ±2.0°C
B 32 to 3272°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
0 to 1800°C ±2.0°C
R 32 to 3214°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
0 to 1767°C ±2.0°C
S 32 to 3214°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
0 to 1767°C ±2.0°C
N -418 to 2372°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-250 to 1300°C ±2.0°C
L -328 to 1652°F ±3.6°F 2.2MΩ
-200 to 900°C ±2.0°C
PT100(DIN) -346 to 1292°F ±0.7°F 1.3KΩ
-210 to 700°C ±0.4°C
PT100(JIS) -328 to 1112°F ±0.7°F 1.3KΩ
-200 to 600°C ±0.4°C
mV -8 to 70mV ±0.05% 2.2MΩ
mA -3 to 27mA ±0.05% 70.5Ω
VDC -1.3 to 11.5Vdc ±0.05% 650KΩ

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