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Composite Curing Heater Blankets

Tempco’s composite bonding and curing heater blankets are designed with:

  • extra strong strain relief
  • even heat distribution to produce the best possible cure or bond

Temperature uniformity is optimized for even heating through computer designed resistance elements. Circuit spacing is maintained at 1/4" for larger heater blankets or less on smaller heaters. This technique guarantees a ±10°F (±5.5°C) temperature uniformity across the heater blanket.

The lead wires exit the heater through an unheated 2" × 2" lead exit tab. This allows the overall heater surface to be heated while maintaining a separate unheated section for the transition from resistance element to the leads and a solid strain relief.

Explore Composite Curing Heater Blankets Specifications

Typical Applications:
  •  Aerospace/Aircraft
    • Repair
    • Manufacturing
  • Marine/Boats
    • Repair
    • Manufacturing
  • All composite, metal bonding, curing applications
Design Features
  • Material: Fiberglass reinforced Silicone Rubber
  • Smooth bottom layer for contact with the composite under cure
  • External Lead Exit Tab (2" × 2") maximizes heating area and uniformity
  • Composite Industry Watt Density Standard of 5 watts/in2
  • Meets Composite Industry uniformity standard of ±10°F
  • Each heater blanket has a serial number for traceability
  • Heat Mapping Certification available
  • Made to Order
Ratings and Limitations:
  • Maximum Temperature:
    • 500°F/260°C intermittent
    • 392°F/200°C continuous
  • Maximum Width: 36" (914mm)
  • Maximum Length: 120" (3048mm)
  • Maximum Diameter: 32" (813mm) T UL recognized
  • Available Voltage: 120 Vac or 240 Vac
  • Lead wire:
    • Teflon®
    • 5-ft. length
    • 400°F/200°C
    • 600V
Thermal Mapping

In the composite repair industry quality of the overall repair often relates directly to the quality of the cure. The cure is directly affected by the temperature uniformity of the heat blanket. Thermal/heat mapping certification of the heater blanket is rapidly becoming the standard operating procedure for many repair facilities to optimize the cure process.

As an added value service, Tempco can certify that the heat blanket you order follows the guidelines established by the Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC), SAE document ARP 5144 Section 7, which states specific recommendations for the “…handling, maintenance and thermal testing of heat blankets…”

The heater blanket certification also meets the requirements of Boeing document D6-56 273 “Qualification of Heat Blankets for Hot Bonding Composites.”

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