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Outdoor, NEMA-rated panel with TEC-6400 controller

Industrial Tanks

Family of ThermostatsIn most electric heating applications, it is crucial to have some sort of temperature control system in place to ensure that the desired temperature is maintained consistently. Tempco understands the importance of having reliable components in your thermal loop, so we offer a range of products, both standard and custom, that are ideal for industrial applications. From thermostats to complex panels, we have the control solution you need.

One of the most-used temperature control devices is a thermostat. They allow the user to set the desired temperature and then adjust the heating system accordingly to maintain it. A thermostat works by monitoring the temperature and then turning the heating process on or off as needed. When the temperature falls below the set point, the thermostat will signal the heating system to turn on, and likewise, when the temperature rises above the set point, the thermostat will signal the heating system to turn off. This continuous monitoring, and the resulting adjustments, help to ensure that the temperature remains stable and consistent, and the heating system operates efficiently.

Family of TEC temperature controllersIn industrial automation and process control applications, a PID controlled closed loop can provide more precise control over a system. PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative, which are the three components of the control algorithm. A PID controller is a feedback control system that continuously monitors the process variable, compares it with the desired setpoint, and adjusts the control output accordingly.

The proportional component of the algorithm adjusts the control output in proportion to the error between the process variable and the setpoint. The integral component accounts for any steady-state error and adjusts the control output over time. The derivative component predicts the future error based on the current rate of change and adjusts the control output accordingly. By adjusting these three components, the PID controller is designed to maintain stable and precise control of the system. It can respond to changes in the process variable quickly and accurately, making it a popular choice for many industrial applications. Overall, a PID controlled closed loop provides a powerful tool for achieving precise control over complex systems.



Tempco specializes in designing and manufacturing custom-designed heaters for a wide range of applications, including heating large water tanks. One recent example of our work involved fulfilling a custom request for a flange heater to be used in a large water tank for fire protection. In addition to the heater, the client also asked for a control panel to effectively manage power distribution and process control for the flange heater. The application specifications from the client were:

  • Outdoor application, requiring NEMA 4X standards
  • Internal controls required
  • Indicator lights for power on and heater on at the front of the panel
  • Durable panel material

We developed a custom-designed control panel featuring our PID temperature controller model TEC-6400. This TEC temperature controller is specifically designed for din rail mounting within the control panel. The TEC-6400 temperature controller is intended for in-panel applications, providing precise temperature control and efficient use of space within the control system. The customer specified a NEMA 4X polycarbonate wall enclosure, a type of plastic that is known for its durability, high impact resistance, and ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Additionally, only the NEMA 4X red power-on and white heater-on pilot lights were exposed on the front of the panel. Tempco also offers stainless steel panels as an alternative option that can provide additional corrosion resistance with the added bonus of a sleek, polished look.

Tempco offers a range of heaters that can be controlled by either an on/off thermostat control or a PID control via a control panel. With these features, users can easily regulate the temperature of their environment to their desired level, providing efficient and effective heating solutions. We provide a diverse range of temperature control products with standard designs that are readily available in stock. Also, Tempco can design temperature control panels according to the specifications of our individual customers. Whether you require a standard or custom temperature control panel, Tempco has you covered.

Inside of NEMA 4X Control Panel
NEMA 4x Control Panel

Tom T.

Territorial Sales Manager

June 12, 2024


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