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TEC Temperature Controllers for Road Construction Application

A Tempco distributor that specializes in controls has a customer in the construction industry. This customer utilizes Tempco’s TEC-220 and TEC-2500 series temperature controllers to help add the finishing touches to freshly paved roads. They are an end-user that manufactures the equipment used to spray the lines onto roads.

The pavement marking machines conduct their work through extruding and spraying thermoplastic paints or solvent paints onto the pavement. The striping material must be heated to lower its viscosity and allow the material to be sprayed. Once the material is heated, the controls regulate the temperature of the material so that it can be sprayed at lower pressures. Spraying at lower pressure reduces the amount of overspray and creates near-perfect lines. Less overspray and paint mist translates to fewer errors and corrective costs in the final steps of road construction. The coating only needs a few minutes to harden after being sprayed. After it cools on the pavement, the paint forms a wear-resistant polymer layer which is bright and reflective.

TEC-220 Temperature Controller

TEC-2500 Temperature Controller

Tempco TEC temperature controllers are paramount in regulating the temperature of the internal, channel strip heaters to ensure optimal temperature for an even spray. Some of the features of these controllers include:

  • NEMA 4X/IP65 gasketed front panel – a faceplate that is rated for moisture and corrosion resistance that provides protection against windblown dust and rain, splashing water, hose-directed water and freeze protection
  • Fuzzy logic PID (proportional integral derivative) Autotune heat and cool control
  • 3-4 programmable outputs
  • Universal input, field configurable (Type J T/C default, PT100, mA, V) with high accuracy 18-bit D-A
  • Heater break alarm using 0-50 Amp current transformer
  • 1/32 DIN size – 24 mm x 48 mm
  • Agency approvals include UL, CE and RoHS

Tempco carries a wide variety of temperature controllers and controller accessories for industrial applications. We offer six controller sizes plus a DIN Rail Mountable controller. Display options include non-indicating, LED display and LCD full display. Analog, digital and high-limit controllers are just a few of the types of TEC controllers from Tempco. Visit our temperature controller and accessories page for complete details.

Tempco manufactures custom electric heaters and elements for conduction, convection and radiant heating applications for industrial processes. We also manufacture temperature sensors - Thermocouples, RTD's and thermisters. Complete your thermal loop system with Tempco's standard or built-to-order temperature control products.

Zach G.

Territorial Sales Manager

March 28, 2023


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