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Preconfigured and Stock Ceramic E-Mitters

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Part NumberWattsVoltsColorWatt Density (W/in2)Watt Density (W/cm2)Lead Wire Length (in)Lead Wire Length (mm)ThermocoupleQtyPrice
Part NumberWattsVoltsColorWatt Density (W/in2)Watt Density (W/cm2)Lead Wire Length (in)Lead Wire Length (mm)ThermocoupleQtyPrice
CRD00001250220-240White111.73 1/288.9None31$50.35
CRD10001250220-240Rose to Grey111.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD20001250220-240Yellow to Orange111.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD30001250220-240Black111.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD00002400220-240White172.73 1/288.9None2$50.35
CRD10002400220-240Rose to Grey172.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD20002400220-240Yellow to Orange172.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD30002400220-240Black172.73 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD00004650220-240White284.43 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD10004650220-240Rose to Grey284.43 1/288.9None2$50.35
CRD20004650220-240Yellow to Orange284.43 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD30004650220-240Black284.43 1/288.9None0CALL
CRD00005250220-240White111.73 1/288.9Type K13$73.80
CRD10005250220-240Rose to Grey111.73 1/288.9Type K23$73.80
CRD20005250220-240Yellow to Orange111.73 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD30005250220-240Black111.73 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD00006400220-240White172.73 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD10006400220-240Rose to Grey172.73 1/288.9Type K1$73.80
CRD20006400220-240Yellow to Orange172.73 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD30006400220-240Black172.73 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD00008650220-240White284.43 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD10008650220-240Rose to Grey284.43 1/288.9Type K10$73.80
CRD20008650220-240Yellow to Orange284.43 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD30008650220-240Black284.43 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRD10013500220-240Rose to Grey223.43 1/288.9None18$51.06
CRD00016400240White172.73 1/288.9None2$51.06
CRD10022650220-240Rose to Grey284.46152.4None3$54.51
CRD10023650220-240Rose to Grey284.46152.4Type K2$94.87
CRD20024650220-240Yellow to Orange284.43 1/288.9Type K2N/A

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