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Preconfigured and Stock Ceramic E-Mitters

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Part NumberWattsVoltsColorWatt Density (W/in2)Watt Density (W/cm2)Lead Wire Length (in)Lead Wire Length (mm)ThermocoupleQtyPrice
Part NumberWattsVoltsColorWatt Density (W/in2)Watt Density (W/cm2)Lead Wire Length (in)Lead Wire Length (mm)ThermocoupleQtyPrice
CRM00008425120White284.33 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM10008425120Rose to Grey284.33 1/288.9None6$35.40
CRM20008425120Yellow to Orange284.33 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM30008425120Black284.33 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM00009500120White335.13 1/288.9None62$35.40
CRM10009500120Rose to Grey335.13 1/288.9None3$35.40
CRM20009500120Yellow to Orange335.13 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM30009500120Black335.13 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM00010600220-240White406.13 1/288.9None3$35.40
CRM10010600220-240Rose to Grey406.13 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM20010600220-240Yellow to Orange406.13 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM30010600220-240Black406.13 1/288.9None0CALL
CRM00011425120White284.33 1/288.9Type K2$59.70
CRM10011425120Rose to Grey284.33 1/288.9Type K42$59.70
CRM20011425120Yellow to Orange284.33 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM30011425120Black284.33 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM00012500120White335.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM10012500120Rose to Grey335.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM20012500120Yellow to Orange335.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM30012500120Black335.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM00013600240White406.13 1/288.9Type K17$59.70
CRM10013600240Rose to Grey406.13 1/288.9Type K3$59.70
CRM20013600240Yellow to Orange406.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM30013600240Black406.13 1/288.9Type K0CALL
CRM00024500480White335.13 1/288.9None1$35.40
CRM10024500480Rose to Grey335.13 1/288.9None4$35.40
CRM00025500480White335.13 1/288.9Type K3$59.70
CRM10026600220-240Rose to Grey406.13 1/288.9Type J1$78.10
CRM10027600220-240Rose to Grey406.136121.4None20$49.35
CRM10028600220-240Rose to Grey406.136121.4Type J8$205.15

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