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Preconfigured and Stock MI Cable Transition to Lead Wire Thermocouple Assemblies

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Part NumberT/C CalibrationSheath OD (in)Sheath Length (L) (in)Sheath MaterialTerminationJunction TypeLead Wire Length (in)Special FeaturesQtyPrice
Part NumberT/C CalibrationSheath OD (in)Sheath Length (L) (in)Sheath MaterialTerminationJunction TypeLead Wire Length (in)Special FeaturesQtyPrice
MTA00012K0.0938.5304 SSStd split leadsG130Call31$84.25
MTA00109K0.12536304 SSStd split leadsG361$41.10
MTA00142K0.12518304 SSStd split leadsG841$44.85
MTA00253K0.12512304 SSSplit leads w/ spade lugsU279$42.70
MTA00299K0.0937304 SSStd split leadsG216Call1N/A
MTA00336K0.12517304 SSStd split leadsG36Call8N/A
MTA00340J0.0322304 SSStd split leadsG363$65.15
MTA00344J0.1251.875304 SSStd split leadsU76Call1N/A
MTA00407J0.2523.75304 SSStd split leadsG40Call3N/A
MTA00531K0.0797.875Alloy 600Std split leadsU118Call2N/A
MTA00555K0.0633304 SSStd split leadsG39Call3N/A
MTA00689J0.0393.94304 SSStd split leadsG1003$69.25
MTA00690J0.1881.25304 SSStd split leadsG2010$35.70
MTA00808N0.0632.5Alloy 600Std split leadsU11248N/A
MTA00821K0.0793.94Alloy 600Std split leadsU118Call1N/A
MTA00840J0.1255.5Alloy 600Std split leadsU48Call6$52.70
MTA00883J0.12516304 SSStd split leadsU369$39.85
MTA00884J0.1254304 SSStd split leadsU364$37.15
MTA0089840.12518Alloy 600Std split leadsU1801$72.30
MTA00945J0.1884304 SSStd split leadsG1206$56.45
MTA01026J0.1256316 SSStd plug w/ connG4820$85.70
MTA01175J0.1882316 SSStd split leadsG2010$34.15
MTA01220J0.12524304 SSStd split leadsG122$34.50
MTA01229J0.0594.75304 SSStd split leadsG40Call2N/A
MTA01289J0.0591.188304 SSStd split leadsG39Call1N/A
MTA0133030.0636316 SSStd split leadsU4830$42.55
MTA0133130.06312316 SSStd split leadsU4810$44.25
MTA0133230.06318316 SSStd split leadsU4837$45.95
MTA0133330.06324316 SSStd split leadsU4831$47.65
MTA0133840.0636Alloy 600Std split leadsU4813$42.90
MTA0133940.06312Alloy 600Std split leadsU4821$44.95
MTA0134040.06318Alloy 600Std split leadsU4816$47.00
MTA0134140.06324Alloy 600Std split leadsU4817$49.10
MTA0134240.1256Alloy 600Std split leadsU4821$43.60
MTA0134340.12512Alloy 600Std split leadsU4815$46.40
MTA0134440.12518Alloy 600Std split leadsU4816$49.15
MTA0134540.12524Alloy 600Std split leadsU4825$51.95
MTA01382J0.1881.75316 SSStd male plugG160Call1N/A
MTA0140530.06372316 SSStd male plugU361$69.70
MTA0142440.06324316 SSStd male plugU361$56.10
MTA01437K0.05913.75Alloy 600Std split leadsU1972N/A
MTA01438K0.05917.75Alloy 600Std split leadsU1973N/A
MTA01453K0.1257304 SSSplit leads w/ spade lugsG801$52.10
MTA01488K0.12530Alloy 600Std split leadsG492$74.10
MTA01507J0.0634304 SSStd split leadsU401$37.65
MTA0158430.06366316 SSStd male plugU361$68.00
MTA01650J0.0394316 SSStd split leadsG801$73.90
MTA0166630.06384316 SSStd male plugU361$73.15
MTA01713J0.12512304 SSStd split leads7484N/A
MTA01746J0.0792304 SSStd split leadsG601$39.95
MTA01772K0.12522Alloy 600Std split leadsG242$39.30
MTA01821J0.12512316 SSStd split leadsG2412$34.65
MTA01826J0.12548316 SSStd split leadsG241$45.45
MTA01828K0.12518316 SSStd split leadsG2413$36.45
MTA01829K0.12524316 SSStd split leadsG241$38.25
MTA01831K0.12536316 SSStd split leadsG2413$41.85
MTA01842K0.12524Alloy 600Std split leadsG2412$40.05
MTA01843K0.12530Alloy 600Split leads w/ spade lugsG245$44.90
MTA01844K0.12536Alloy 600Std split leadsG241$44.55
MTA01875T0.1884316 SSStd split leadsE605N/A
MTA01891K0.1253304 SSStd split leadsG60Call1$46.40
MTA01895K0.0413.125Alloy 600Std split leadsU41$62.20
MTA01910K0.0636Alloy 600Miniature male plugG405N/A
MTA01922J0.1255Alloy 600Std split leadsG12Call2N/A
MTA01937K0.12511.625Alloy 600Std split leadsG10Call2$36.30
MTA01961K0.12518Alloy 600Std split leadsG401$40.40
MTA01985K0.12520Alloy 600Std split leadsU725$56.55
MTA01999J0.1255Alloy 600Std split leadsG18Call7N/A
MTA02005J0.1256304 SSSplit leads w/ spade lugsU60Call1N/A
MTA02017K0.1259.5Alloy 600Std split leadsU45Call13N/A
MTA02031K0.0592.75304 SSStd split leadsG801$60.10
MTA02076K0.1258304 SSStd split leadsG36Call9$37.80
MTA0208940.06361.375304 SSMiniature plug w/ jackU121$68.20
MTA0209040.06380304 SSMiniature plug w/ jackU121$72.75
MTA02178K0.0594304 SSStd split leadsG801$60.30
MTA02204J0.03216304 SSStd split leadsG362$72.00
MTA02282K0.11817.75316 SSStd split leadsU8015$56.55
MTA02320K0.1258304 SSStd split leadsG96Call1$47.50
MTA02392K0.06324Alloy 600Std split leadsU2417$47.50
MTA02419J0.1887.875316 SSStd split leadsU96Call5N/A
MTA02463J0.0792316 SSStd split leadsG401$40.20
MTA1131230.06312316 SSStd split leadsU4813$44.25
MTA1141240.06312Alloy 600Std split leadsU481$44.95
MTA1142440.06324Alloy 600Std split leadsU484$49.10
MTA1231230.12512316 SSStd split leadsU483$45.50
MTA1232430.12524316 SSStd split leadsU4811$50.15
MTA1241240.12512Alloy 600Std split leadsU4810$46.40
MTA1242440.12524Alloy 600Std split leadsU4810$51.95

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