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Part NumberANSI CalibrationConnector TypeTemperature RatingBody ColorQtyPrice Per
Part NumberANSI CalibrationConnector TypeTemperature RatingBody ColorQtyPrice Per
TCA-101-101*JHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Black37323.95
TCA-101-102*KHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Yellow12144.25
TCA-101-103*THollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Blue21093.55
TCA-101-107*EHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Purple303.85
TCA-101-108*NHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Orange25
TCA-101-109*R/SHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Green43.55
TCA-101-110*CuHollow Pin Plug350°F (177°C)White413.55
TCA-101-111*JSolid Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Black896.35
TCA-101-112*KSolid Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Yellow536.7
TCA-101-113*TSolid Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Blue25.95
TCA-101-114*ESolid Pin Plug350°F (177°C)Purple26.3
TCA-101-118*JHollow Pin Plug500°F (260°C)Brown912.4
TCA-101-119*KHollow Pin Plug500°F (260°C)Brown1812.6
TCA-101-125*JSolid Pin Plug500°F (260°C)Brown1214.4
TCA-101-126*KSolid Pin Plug500°F (260°C)Brown714.8
TCA-101-159*KSolid Pin Plug800°F (427°C)Reddish-Brown616.2
TCA-101-160*JSolid Pin Plug800°F (427°C)Reddish-Brown115.85
TCA-101-161*JHollow Pin Plug800°F (427°C)Reddish-Brown1713.85
TCA-101-181*J, 200°CHollow Pin Plug-52513.9
TCA-101-182*K, 200°CHollow Pin Plug-50013.9
TCA-101-183*K, 200°CPlug-15613.9
TCA-101-184*J, 200°CPlug-76013.9
TCA-102-101*JJack350°F (177°C)Black6175.35
TCA-102-102*KJack350°F (177°C)Yellow4625.7
TCA-102-107*EJack350°F (177°C)Purple185.3
TCA-102-108*NJack350°F (177°C)Orange805.65
TCA-102-109*R/SJack350°F (177°C)Green44.95
TCA-102-110*CuJack350°F (177°C)White24.95
TCA-102-111*JJack500°F (260°C)Brown1413.45
TCA-102-205*J, 200°CJack-25015.65
TCA-102-206*K, 200°CJack-33415.65
TCA-102-207*J, 200°CJack-23315.65
TCA-102-208*K, 200°CJack-23615.65

*Not a stock catalog part number – conditions and charges may apply.

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