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Bolt Cartridge Heaters

Tempco Bolt Heaters are constructed with one of the industry’s most efficient and highest quality heating elements—Tempco Hi-Density (swaged) Cartridge Heaters; with close tolerance fits, watt densities of 100 watts per square inch are obtainable – 65% higher than standard cartridge or tubular heating elements can deliver. The higher wattage on Hi-Density Bolt Heaters means quicker heat-up time and minimum heat loss to the area surrounding the bolt.

Bolt heaters are manufactured with a wooden handle attached to a terminal conduit box for easy insertion and removal.

Design Features:

  • Hi-Density Construction
  • Conduit Box with Knockouts
  • Wooden Handle
  • High Temperature Lead Wires – 250°C (482°F)
  • Optional SJO Cord or Post Terminals
  • Optional Quick Disconnect Plugs

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Typical Industries:
  • Boiler Manufacturers
  • Construction
  • Large Machine and Die Manufacturers
  • Power Plants
  • Shipyards
Typical Applications:
  • Large Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Die Blocks
  • Large Cylinders
  • Engine Heads
  • Pressure Vessels


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