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Panel Jacks & Accessories

Panels are normally supplied unassembled with all necessary hardware to assembly and install included. Can be furnished completely assembled at an additional cost.

Accessories include:

Explore Panel Jacks & Accessories Specifications

Thermocouple and RTD Selector Switch

Design Features

  • Available in 6 to 36 positions
  • 2-pole and 3-pole circuits with “OFF” position
  • Silver-plated blades and contacts with self-cleaning wiper action and low contact resistance
  • Terminals are silver-plated brass with numbered circuits and polarity identification
  • “OFF” position has terminals available for shorting input circuit when using it with a digital meter (not available on 3-pole)
  • High-impact GE Noryl™ case.
Number of
Circuit Type Dimensions
 6 2-Pole
Break Before Make
A TCA-124-101
10 A TCA-124-102
12 2-Pole
Make Before Break
A TCA-124-103
18 A TCA-124-104
20 A TCA-124-105
24 2-Pole
Make Before Break
B TCA-124-106
36 B TCA-124-107
 6 3-Pole
Make Before Break
B TCA-124-108
12 B TCA-124-109
18 B TCA-124-110
24 B TCA-124-111

Thermocouple and RTD Selector Switch

Dimension Reference "A"
Selector Switch, Dimension Reference "A"

Dimension Reference "B"
Selector Switch, Dimension Reference B

Circular Panel Jacks

Design Features:

  • Available in standard and miniature sizes (2-pin only)
  • Used where individual jacks are required to fit in standard electrical knockouts
  • Standard jack fits in 3/4" (1-1/8" dia.) electrical knockout
  • Miniature jack fits in 1/2" (7/8" dia.) electrical knockout
  • Jacks are ANSI color coded with a temperature rating of 350°F (177°C) continuous and 400°F (204°C) intermittent
  • Both the standard and miniature jacks install from the front of the panel with no additional hardware required.
Part Number
Standard Miniature
J Black TCA-102-167 TCA-102-174
K Yellow TCA-102-168 TCA-102-175
T Blue TCA-102-169 TCA-102-176
E Purple TCA-102-170 TCA-102-177
R/S Green TCA-102-171 TCA-102-178
U* White TCA-102-172 TCA-102-179
N Orange TCA-102-173

Standard Jack
Standard Jack

Miniature Jack
Miniature Jack

Example of Electrical Box Mount
Electrical Box Mount

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