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Two Tempco Thermal Platens

Engineered by Tempco

Tempco specializes in the innovative engineering and manufacturing of thermal components. Coupled with our diverse foundry and machine shop capabilities, this expertise provides the know-how behind our product line of large, electrically-heated platens that are designed and manufactured using our cast-in heater technology.

All of our thermo-platens are made to customer specifications. We offer complete engineering services and support, working with you every step of the way from prototype to production to ensure your satisfaction.

Two Thermo-Platens

Manufactured by Tempco

This casting process incorporates Tempco's tubular heating elements as the heat source, an integral component of the platen. To further enhance heat profiles, the formation and the location of the tubular heaters within the casting are precisely engineered using the latest computer design techniques. This process provides a more cost-effective and reliable approach than drilling holes for cartridge heaters or clamping inefficient and cumbersome strip heaters to the back surface of a platen.

Tempco Tubular Heaters are the most versatile and widely used source of electric heat for industrial, commercial and scientific applications. Our tubular heaters stand apart from other heating elements claiming similar performance because of our carefully researched manufacturing methods and the quality materials that we use. Tempco tubular heaters can be formed into virtually any shape and cast into the metals we use to manufacture our thermo-platens.

Large Round Thermo-PlatenGroup of Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heating Elements

Design Features

  • Casting Materials that provide excellent thermal conductivity for rapid heat transfer with uniform temperature gradients:
    • Aluminum up to 600 lbs.
    • Bronze & Brass up to 300 lbs. (Recommended for high operating pressures and temperatures)
  • Exceptionally Long Operating Life
  • Single or Three-Phase Circuit
  • Optional Surface Finishes:
    • Electroless Nickel-Plated
    • Teflon®
    • Hard-Coat Anodizing
    • Magnaplate
  • Thermowells for Temperature Sensors
  • Maximum width 60"
  • Maximum length 72"
  • Working surfaces and/or contours machined to Customer Specifications up to and including blanchard ground for extremely flat surface requirements
  • Heating & Liquid Cooling Functions
  • Various Heater & Cooling Tube Terminations

Rectangular Thermal-PlatenRound Therm0-Plate

Did You Know?

Liquid Cooling is for Platens also!

Thermo-Platens are ideal for liquid cooling of high density electronic systems and other applications requiring flat surface cooling. In a world of compact designs with increased power densities, often more heat is generated than can be properly dissipated by conventional air blowers. For applications that have high-watt densities such as lasers, high-powered electronics, telecommunications, and semiconductor processing, liquid-cooled cold plates are the ideal high-performance heat transfer solution.

Mounting the components on an aluminum platen with internal liquid cooling tubes replaces forced air cooling to achieve and maintain lower electronic cabinet temperatures. This can increase the operating service life of the individual components and the system. When drilling and/or tapping is required for the cold plate application, Tempco will perform the machining to ensure that the product’s integrity is not compromised.

3 Liquid Cool Cast-In Thermo-Platens

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October 2, 2020

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