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Giving Back in Times of Need

Tempco Employees Take the Fight Against COVID-19 from Manufacturing to Community

Box of Food

For many of us, the COVID-19 Pandemic dramatically changed the lives we had all been living in a short amount of time with, what felt like to some, very little warning. At the onset of the pandemic we found ourselves thrust into a new world of constantly washing hands, sanitizing everything, wearing face masks in public and social distancing. I found the uncertainty of what was coming next to be very unnerving. It was a new virus that we knew nothing about. What we were told we needed to do today would change next week into doing something different as we gained knowledge of how the virus was spreading and various symptoms it displayed came to light. I watched in disbelief as the schools all closed and businesses around the world shut their doors to try to prevent the spread of the disease. In the blink of an eye 30 million people in our country were out of work. It was like all the stories my parents had shared about the “great depression” were coming back to haunt me.

I felt so blessed to be working for a company that was deemed essential. I admittedly took pride in coming to work every day and doing what I could to get the necessary products out the door to assist in the fight to stop the virus. I would get out of my car and watch as all around me my Tempco family were donning their masks and heading into the offices and manufacturing plants. It made me feel sad, uncomfortable and, most of all, helpless. Scenes from every sci-fi or end-of-the-world pandemic movies were going through my mind. Watching the news at night made me cry at the suffering all around me that I could do nothing about.

I had to do something. Since I don’t have the skills to help take care of the sick, I decided to focus on feeding the families that were no longer in a position to feed themselves. I figured the only way to get through all of this was to get in the boat together and start rowing in the same direction. I asked Tempco’s President, Fermin A. Adames, and Tempco’s CFO, Paul Wickland, if I could spearhead a food drive at Tempco to raise money for a local food bank. Paul did his research and found the Bensenville & Wood Dale Food Pantry. It is run by a local church, and it is an organization that is run 100% by volunteers. Not only did they tell me to run with the idea, but they offered to match the money we raised.

I sent an email to all my Tempco family asking them to join me in helping feed those who were not as fortunate as we are. And, as always, my Tempo family came through BIG TIME. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and generosity. Together we raised $2,305.00 for the Food Bank which Tempco generously rounded up to an even $5,000.00.

I have never been prouder of the team of people I am fortunate enough to work with every day and I will row in their boat any day of the week!

June 20, 2020

Food Pantry Volunteers

Some of the many volunteers at the Bensenville and Wood Dale Food Pantry.

Tempco presents a donation

Tempco presented the Bensenville and Wood Dale Food Pantry with a donation of $5,000 that was collected from Tempco employees and matched by Tempco.

Kathie T.

Distribution Sales Manager

July 5, 2020


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