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Top 5 Tempco Blog Posts of 2021

Before we dive into the New Year, we are going to take a look behind us.

According to this list of the top 5 Tempco blog posts of 2021, technical data was the king of our content last year. We hope you take the time to look over this review to see if there is anything you missed. We are glad you are here and we are dedicated to writing even more for you in 2022!

Heat Trace Cable

Introduction to Heat Trace Cable Systems

Tempco’s Heat Trace Cables are the perfect solution for counteracting the effects of heat loss from process piping systems.

This post holds the number one position for the second year in a row. We explained the difference between the two types of Heat Trace Cable that we sell and we answered your frequently asked questions.

Infrared Heating Elements

Understanding Infrared Radiant Heating Technology

Infrared heat energy can be delivered to concentrated areas at a very fast rate with Tempco's Radiant Heaters or heater arrays.

This post also made last year's list, just not in the #2 position. We offered basic information to help you get started using infrared heat in your industrial application.

Tempco Tubular Heaters

All About Tempco's Tubular Heating Elements

Learn about Tempco's Tubular Heaters including: Typical Applications, Construction Characteristics, Watt Density information and more.

Technical data must have been important in 2020. This post offers important information on Tempco's Tubular Heating Elements.

#4. The Cartridge Heaters and Tacos Post

Three Tacos

Why Tempco Cartridge Heaters are Ideal for the Food & Beverage Industry

Processes within the Food and Beverage Industry often require heat. Tempco Cartridge Heaters are a reliable source of precise heat that is localized which is often key to these applications.

Who doesn't love a post about food? While it's not really about the tacos, in this post we do discuss the benefits of using cartridge heaters for food and beverage applications and we illustrate them with specific examples of heaters and applications.

Tempco Plant Tour Screen Shot

Tempco Manufacturing Plant Tour

In this video get a rare sneak peek inside Tempco. See some of our manufacturing capabilities and processes that produce the quality products that our customers expect.

Our doors have been open this year, but this video is still a great way to see inside Tempco if you can't visit in person. Thanks for visiting us!

Bees Industrial Logo

Distributor Spotlight: Bees Industrial Services, LLC

From humble beginnings three generations ago to a thriving distributor today that assists manufacturers in designing & maintaining stock programs for the heaters & sensors on their equipment, Bees Industrial Services LLC is in the Tempco spotlight.

This year we launched our Distributor Spotlight series that highlights the companies that Tempco is proud to call our business partners.  So far we have spotlighted three companies and we look forward to working with more this coming year.

Joylyn J.

Website & Catalog Coordinator

January 4, 2022


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