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Mini-Coil Band Heaters

Tempco's replacement round cable mini-coil heaters for OEM Hot Runner Systems are designed and manufactured under tight tolerances and specifications.

  • ±2% Resistance Tolerance
  • 5" and 7" Staggered Cold Lead Length
  • 72" Insulated Lead Wire Length White/Black for 250W and White/Red for 125W

Mini-Coil Band Heaters have two types of clamping: Screw operated clamping (shown in first image to the right) for the traditional style and Cam Operated Clamping (shown in second image to the right).
Cam Operated Axial Clamping allows tool room personnel to replace the heating element or the thermocouple of the gate bushing without having to remove the bushing from the mold. This can even be done in emergencies while the mold is still in the press, saving hours of downtime. The hex head cam is accessed from the front, parallel to the bushing’s shaft.

Explore Mini-Coil Band Heaters Specifications

Specifications & Tolerances


Coil Heater Diameter:  0.055", ±0.002"
Thermocouple: Type J, 0.055" dia., ±0.002"
Inner Diameter: ±0.002"
Width/Length: ±0.020"
Axial Clamp Hex: Tempered 416 series SS
Hex size: 1/8"
Rotation: 150 degrees
Clamp Screw: (2) 6-32 × 1/2", SS,
Hex size 7/64"
Heater Leads: 18 ga. silver coated copper Teflon® insulation,
Staggered 5" and 7"
Thermocouple Leads: Fiberglass insulation, 1000°F



Resistance Tolerance: ±2%
Wattage Tolerance: ±2%
Voltage:  Standard voltages are 120 and 240VAC;
other voltages can be designed.

Consult Tempco with your requirements.

Industry Cross Reference Part Numbers

Tempco Part Number OEM Part Number Rosemount Part Number
HRN00100 534234 904FE101
HRN01100 520156 904EJ101, 904EN101, 904FB101
Tempco Part Number OEM Part Number Rosemount Part Number
HRN00101 534233 904FE131
HRN01101 521334 904EJ131, 904EN131, 904FB131
HRN01103 904EJ141, 904EN141, 904FB141

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