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Tempco's CHX Cast-In Circulation Heaters

Common Applications

  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Coating and Paint heating
  • De-ionized Water Heating
  • Diesel and Fuel Heating
  • Food and Beverage Heating
  • Glycol heating
  • Heating Ink in Printing
  • Heating of Air, CO2, Nitrogen and similar gases
  • Heating of Non-Flammable Gases
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Packaging Sterilization
  • Solvent Heating (MEK, NMP, ACT, EKC, others)
  • Steam Generation

Tempco CHX Series Cast-In Circulation Heaters

Standard Design Features

  • Seamless 316 SS tubing for fluid flow
  • Replaceable Hi-Density Cartridge Heater or Tubular Element
  • Available in single and 3-phase
  • Cast Aluminum heat exchanger body
  • Operating pressure: up to 3200 psi
  • Operating temperature: up to 650°F (343°C)
  • NEMA 4/7 enclosure with standoff

Optional Design Features

  • Process Thermocouple
  • Over-temperature Thermocouple
  • High Limit Thermostat
  • Incoloy Tubing
  • Tube Fittings
  • Cast Bronze Heat Exchanger Body
    • Operating pressure up to 1400 psi @ 1200°F

Available Accessories

  • Insulation Jackets
  • Replacement Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters
  • Replacement Thermocouples and Thermostats

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The CHX circulation heater is a compact unit used for heating gases or liquids. The fluid being heated is pumped through the coiled, seamless, 316 SS tubing which has been cast into an aluminum body and acts as the heat exchanger. The heat source for these heaters are either a replaceable Hi-Density Cartridge Heater or a Tubular Heating Element. Circulation heaters can come in single and dual tubing configurations.

Indirect heating is an important feature of our Cast-In Circulation Heaters. The fluid being heated never comes into contact directly the heat source. This can prevent thermal breakdown from overheating of a fluid and is an added safely benefit while heating combustible fluid. This feature also prevents contamination from being introduced into the fluid.

Variety and Versatility in CHX Cast Circulation Heaters

The CHX Series Cast-In Circulation heater has a wide range of applications from heating water to flammable gasses at wide temperature range. Tempco’s engineering, modern production facility, and highly skilled labor combine to produce high quality and reliable products.

Throughout our catalog and website we show Tempco’s standard specifications and most popular designs. However, as a custom heating element manufacturer, we recognize that many applications require non-standard and unique designs.

At Tempco, we are constantly challenged by our customers to solve their heating applications. We have the experience, technical knowledge and manufacturing capability to solve all your heating problems with unique heater designs. Use Tempco’s talent and capabilities to your advantage to solve your specific heating problem in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

Joe C.

Product Engineering Manager


October 9, 2019

Custom Cast-In Circulation Heater Designs

Custom Cast-In Circulation Heater

Large-sized cast circulation heater used in hot water, high pressure washer system

Custom Cast-In Circulation Heater

Mid-sized cast circulation heater used for testing aerospace subcomponents

Custom Cast-In Circulation Heater

Compact cast circulation heater used in fuel cell testing equipment

Use our knowledge and put our experience to work for you.

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