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Tempco Electric Heater Corporation was founded by Fermin Adames, Sr. in August of 1972 to manufacture electric heating elements for a wide range of industrial, commercial, scientific and medical applications. Mr. Adames’ foresight, ingenuity and dedication to hard work and high quality have led Tempco to become one of the best electric heating elements manufacturers in the world.

Tempco’s initial manufacturing facility consisted of approximately 1,500 square feet with a labor force of three employees. The first manufactured products were high and low watt density cartridge heaters and Duraband®, a patented mica insulated band heater. During the Company’s early years, Mr. Adames made a commitment to an ongoing program for the research and development of new and improved products, thus broadening our product line on a yearly basis in order to satisfy the diversified market area in which various types of heating elements are used.

Today we manufacture approximately thirty different types of heating elements and thermocouples with hundreds of design variations. Some of our products were original developments in the industry, for which Tempco holds patents. Many of our manufactured products are UL certified and CSA recognized. In addition to our standard product line, in early 1982 we set up a modern full-service nonferrous foundry and machine shop for making aluminum and/or bronze cast-in heaters, utilizing the permanent mold and no-bake sand processes.

Over the years Tempco's growth has necessitated moves to larger facilities several times. Today we occupy our second and third custom-built offices and manufacturing facilities consisting of a 130,000 square foot building and a 44,000 square foot building, both located in Wood Dale, Illinois. Our labor force consists of over 400 employees, and our annual sales are in the millions.

Tempco is proud to produce American made and manufactured products. Our products are sold both nationally and internationally through a network of sales representatives and distributors and through our own distribution center located in Mexico City. We serve original equipment manufacturers and end users alike in the plastics, rubber, packaging, medical and food service industries. We also service numerous industries where our products are used for heat processing.

In Memory of Our Founder – Fermin Adames Sr.

Fermin Adames Sr.Fermin was a man of many talents. He was an entrepreneur, engineer and mentor who spent a part of each day visiting every department at Tempco. But to really know who Fermin was and what was in his heart, one need to look no further than the three paintings he commissioned.

After the terrorist attacks on the United States that took place on September 11, 2001, he commissioned the first painting titled This Land is Your Land. In this painting, one or more landmarks from each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia are depicted. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are ghosted near the top in front of the American Flag.

The second painting, Nativity, depicts a Christmas scene in the small town of Nativity. Inspired by the desire to reduce the political correctness that has prompted many to replace the word 'Christmas' with 'Holiday' in recent years, Fermin commissioned this painting in 2005. He believed that people of every religion should be able to celebrate their important days without others changing their meaning.

The third painting, Defenders of Our Freedom, was commissioned to honor the men, women and animals (dogs and horses) who have served in the armed forces, winning and preserving our freedoms. Fermin was a veteran, and he felt a special respect for those who put everything on the line, including their lives, for all of us.


This Land Is Your Land

The first painting, This Land Is Your Land, became the back cover of our Visionary Solutions catalog from 2005 to 2011.           


Nativity became the cover of the Tempco Christmas Card for both 2006 and 2016.

Defending Our Freedom

The final painting, Defenders of Our Freedom, is on the back cover of our most recent catalog, the 40th Anniversary Edition.

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